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The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist
The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

This cute and helpful baby registry checklist will help you to keep things organized ensuring nothing gets overlooked when preparing for your newborn. Since this is not store specific you can print it out, add additional items, and even write notes on them in an organized fashion. You can keep track of your in-store registries as well as your online ones. This is especially a lifesaver when prepping for your baby shower!

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– The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

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Start adding items and have fun. Be sure to take advantage of our recommended item list with direct links below (more items added daily). Be sure to read my baby registry helpful tips article “Your Baby Registry – The Reality & Helpful Tips“.

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Baby Registry Checklist – Finding a Strategy

Having a new baby can prove to be very expensive. It’s good to come up with a baby registry checklist strategy to ensure that you get help with the most necessary items. At most baby showers it seems that the expectant mother rarely get’s half of the items on her registry. That’s not to say that there is a shortage of gifts, but a lot of friends and family seem to like to do their own thing choosing their own gifts. It’s not something you would want to complain about obviously but it does leave you with the bulk of the necessity items to purchase for your newborns first couple months. You might not be expecting such a large expense at the start or have the time to shop.


If you can strategize a way to get more of the 0-3 month newborn necessities  (even the boring ones) as gifts then it will make life a lot less stressful on you. One idea is to limit what you put on your registry and add the most important products little by little as items on your registry get purchased. I also recommend adding the items for when baby is the youngest on the list first to get purchased. I myself put lots of older baby toys on my registry because I wanted to be prepared but some of those items wouldn’t be used for 6 months or even 1 year from the day he’s born. I didn’t fully think that through. It’s much nicer to have the things you need at the start and then purchase items and toys as your baby grows.


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If you are interested in more tips on planning a Baby Registry Checklist strategy then please keep an eye out for my upcoming article.

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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