Your Baby Registry - The Reality & Helpful Tips

Creating a baby registry for your upcoming addition is exciting! Yet, aspects of it can also be intimidating and stressful. This is when you find out how much stuff you’re going to need which is likely more then you expected. It’s also hard to keep track of all the items that have to go on the list. Most stores do have baby registry checklists to help keep you on track but these lists often lack versatility. They also include items that are not needed for years after your baby is born. In a perfect world it would be amazing if you could include those items in your registry and actually receive everything but it’s unlikely.

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Baby Registry – The Reality

The reality is you will probably receive around half of the items off your registry at your shower, if that. Many of your guests will buy you things off registry which makes things frustrating. I think there is a few reasons for this:

  • People feel that buying items off a registry takes away from the thoughtfulness and surprise factor off their gift. This is silly because what could be more thoughtful than making sure the new mom gets what she really needs? Sticking to the registry ensures that some of the financial burden is relieved. That said, if someone wants to add something of their choosing to the gift that includes registry items… that’s cool.
  • The gift giver is crafty and likes to make a gift themselves. I definitely appreciate the thought behind this but it too can be risky pending the gift. Sometimes these handmade items are against current baby safety standards.
  • The person purchasing the gift might not prefer where you registered. Rather then shop there they do their own thing completely. Lame.

Whatever items are left on your registry you will have to buy yourself. To limit what you will have to buy right away you should organize things in order of priority. The last thing you want to do is have a room full of 6 month+ items sitting around and not the necessary newborn items. Take it from me… this can be a really be frustrating and expensive mistake. Especially since people really gravitate (and understandably so… I do it myself…) towards the cutest items rather then the most necessary or unflattering items.

Baby Registry – Helpful Tips

Most stores do have a one time use completion discount. I wouldn’t be too focused on that. After all, who can buy that much in one shopping trip? Not many. I do understand how great that would work out for the store offering it though 🙂

You can spread expense out by adding items to your registry in three month increments. Start with everything you will need in the first three months. Once you have most of that then add the next 3 months. For a first baby you will often have more items then when you have a second baby (pending age/gender). With my son it was like starting from scratch since he was my first boy and he was born eight years after my last child.

If you are an extremely popular person then you can add more to your registry then some. But for the average person like myself, I believe it’s best to limit the items needed as much as possible. You can add more items on as list items are purchased. You want to direct the gift buying process as much as possible to ensure the least up-front cost coming out of your pocket. TRUST ME, you’re going to need it. I don’t feel that when a person has a baby, that baby should become others financial responsibility. Yet, when it comes to having babies… this traditional form of gift buying has gone on forever. You might be on the receiving end this time, but it’s likely your guests have been on or will be on the receiving end next time. So it all balances out.

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Baby Registry – Items to Think Twice About

Some items you might already have yourself from a past child or received as a hand-me-down. Keep those items off the list. There might also be items you want to buy yourself or feel uncomfortable receiving at a public gathering. There is nothing wrong with that… some of us are more reserved and/or shy then others. I know I am.

Before adding the crib to your list consider that many don’t even use a crib for the first three months anyway. They use a bassinet or play yard. There is nothing wrong with buying a crib and setting up your dream nursery room. If you’re on a budget though or worried you might not receive a lot of items on your list then this is a good one to delay on. Many items that are very necessary on day one could be purchased for the same money that the crib cost.

The first thing I wanted to buy when I found out my babies gender was cute little clothes and baby toys. Thats the number one off registry item you will likely get at your shower too (especially if you’re having a girl). Take this into account when making your registry. You might be able to keep those areas slim knowing that you’re likely going to get more then you need as off registry gifts. You can add more favorites once you see what you got but you’ll likely have the necessity covered.

You Can Never Have Enough Diapers

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The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

After going through this process for 3 of my own children, I’ve decided to create my own FREE PRINTABLE Baby Registry Checklist to share with others. I spent A LOT of time on it and added a couple features that would have really helped me to keep organized when I was pregnant. I’ve searched high and low online and couldn’t find any checklists quite like it. You can download The Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist and a nice list of baby items I personally recommend by clicking here.

Sign up for your Amazon or Target Baby Registry via these links even if you plan to scan items in-store:

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Create your Target Baby Registry

As always, I look forward to hearing your comments and experiences below.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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