Five Baby Toys for Baby’s First Year

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Five Baby Toys for Baby's First Year

Ladies, let’s talk about baby toys for a moment. While it might seem like a simple subject, I’ve found that there can be a few tricks. The first thing I’ve learned is that the key to finding your little ones favorites is not so much quantity as it is variety. This coming from a mom who has purchased way to many baby toys over the course of three kids. They probably only played with a third of them. 🙁

I’ve learned that the best baby toys had at least one of two qualities. Either they were great multitaskers or they were very simple. Now, every baby is very different of course but I believe any of these five toys would catch any baby’s eye. They certainly caught my 10 month old sons!

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Five Favorite Baby Toys

B. Sounds So Squeezy Toy was an early favorite. So much fun to smack with the sounds and balls flying everywhere! That appears to no longer be shipping or is sold out everywhere so we’ll include the comparable Infantino’s String of Sounds Ball Quartet as the new option of the toy (pictured below).

Infantino’s String of Sounds Ball Quartet - Baby Toy

The Oball Rattling Rocket. Oball has so many choices in rattles but this one is both my fav and his. It’s easy for small hands to grab, makes a satisfying sound (including the click it makes as you turn the bottom) and is perfect for teething. Definitely a multitasker.

Oball Rattling Rocket - Baby Toy


Links are a simple must. There’s a few to choose from. All are good, but here are the ones we have. Bright Starts Lots of Links and Infantino’s GoGa Ga Animal Parade Silhouette Links. These are also included in a baby toy set – Infantino Gaga Shake, Turn, Link and Teeth Activity Set.
GoGa Ga Animal Parade Silhouette Links - Baby Toys

WubbaNubs  are not only a pacifier but also a stuffed toy. Two comforting things rolled into one! Even when babies are done with the pacifier portion you are still left with an adorable stuffed baby toy. My only wish is that they would come out with a soft teether version in the lineup 😉

WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier - Baby Toys

I love the Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set! As my babies learned to crawl they just loved to chase them down. Several of the balls are perfect to chew. They also help a lot with motor control and learning colors. I believe they are the PERFECT baby ball set!

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set - Baby Toys

All of these should get you through baby’s first year. In this article I’ve covered the more simple learning and development toys but in a later article we’ll cover more interactive toys. In the meantime please share some of your baby’s favorites in the comments below. Be sure to checkout my article on kids games if you’re looking for something to keep your older children busy with! 🙂

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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