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There are so many benefits to homeschool from a parents perspective. I don’t have to worry about potential bullying issues, dangers on campus, getting every cold and flu going around, & one of the best benefits… I have a very flexible schedule. If we decide to go on vacation during the school year, we can. If we want to take the kids to ice cream and a weekday matinee, we can. Homeschooling paving the way for a flexible life is really an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, I know most moms aren’t in a position to homeschool their kids. I just feel really fortunate that our family situation and work schedule has allowed for it. I really hope that never changes.

Homeschool Struggles

The drawback however IS the flexible schedule. It’s hard to have the discipline to get things done in a timely manner. This applies to the kids and myself. Kids are more inclined to argue with a parent than with a teacher. They typically would rather not embarrass themselves in front of a class full of other children (at least I didn’t). So, I’m not gonna lie, this adds an additional stress factor. Especially when you add in modern day devices and entertainment. Limiting or scheduling their device and YouTube time is a NIGHTMARE. It’s all they ever seem to want to do unless I have them temporarily distracted drawing or maybe with a good kids game or puzzle. Don’t even get me started on the arguments when it comes time to do math! Ugh 🙁

The other stressful factor for me is deciding what programs, workbooks, or classes work best for all of us. I want to foster good, independent study habits while making sure they get the most out of their lessons so we need to make the choices that facilitate that. I get tired just thinking about it! (Sigh)



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That said, we have been REALLY fortunate to have the very BEST teachers we could have asked for. They help to provide options based on their experience that they believe will work well for our family. I’m just a really indecisive person that often over thinks things I believe. In the end though I LOVE thinking back through all their accomplishments. Every time they read, write an amazing story, or bring up science and history facts… I feel really good. While I had the guidance from amazing teachers, overall I did that. The benefits and feeling of achievement has far outweighed the drawbacks. I just have to vent a little from time to time 🙂

If you homeschool, I’d love to hear what your benefits and struggles have been in comments below!

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Homeschool - Benefits and Struggles

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