To Hug or to Pamper? That’s the big question when it comes to diapers.

I’m now on my 3rd child to go through diapers. At this point I’ve thoroughly explored both sides of the Huggies vs Pampers diaper debate. Numerous times I’ve sat in the baby isle trying to decide once and for all “Huggies vs Pampers – Which is Better?”. What I’ve honestly found is that it mostly chalks up to what works best for you and your baby. However, I’ll let you in on my findings and experiences so far and hopefully it might help make your decision a bit easier.

When I had my girls many people and resources told me that Pampers worked better for girls and Huggies were better for boys. Well, after having had both girls and a boy I can say this Huggies vs Pampers theory is false in my own experience.

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Huggies vs Pampers - Which is Better

(Yes, getting my son to get into any sort of flattering position or to hold still for these pictures proved IMPOSSIBLE… ha ha. We tried!)

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Which is the Best Diaper to Prevent Blowouts?

Through the early stages of all 3 of my children, both diapers seemed to have an equal amount of blowouts. So I’m not too sure there is a best diaper to prevent blowouts, they just occurred a little differently. Huggies has an elastic band in the back for diaper blowout prevention but then the poop just blew out the leg instead. Then Pampers diapers blew out the back for my kids because it lacks the elastic band design. The idea that there is a Best Diaper to Prevent Blowouts in the Huggies vs Pampers – Which is Better debate seems FALSE.



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What is the Best Diaper Fit and Which is Easier?

Overall, the Pampers design I found a little easier to put on a squirmy baby because it lays flat and opens up easily since it lacks the elastic band we talk about above in the Best Diaper to Prevent Blowouts debate. Huggies seem to run a little bigger in size. The tabs hug your baby more perhaps making Huggies the winner of the Best Diaper Fit for comfort but then you have to hold the diaper open the entire time while changing which is slightly a pain. It’s also harder to unfold. Both brands do have a few different diaper types and fits though. I started with Pampers Swaddlers and I try to stick with them for the most part. If it isn’t broke why fix it? If at any point they stop working for me (one of my girls ended up allergic too them) then I move on and so should you.

Huggies Little Snugglers - Best Diaper Fit

Currently, my son is in size 4. When he grew into that size I bought one giant box of Huggies to test with for this article. Unfortunately, it is the only size 4 diaper I’ve used now that leaked (repeatedly). He squirms twice as much these days and Pampers are the easiest to put on making Pampers diapers my clear winner for the best diaper fit at this moment in time. Reiterating the debate… Huggies vs Pampers – Which is Better, I’m going to have to stick with Pampers. Which is the Best Diaper Fit? Again… sticking with Pampers in my own case since Huggies keeps leaking on me. Which is easier? Pampers. Hands down though Huggies deserves credit for their attempt at preventing diaper blowouts with the elastic design which also makes the diaper comfortable.

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Which Diaper has the Best Rewards Program?

Both diaper giants offer good rewards programs. I do think Huggies offers the Best Rewards Program for me because they offer gift cards that I’m more likely to use.  Pampers Rewards Program offers toys, coupons, and magazine subscriptions.

Huggies vs Pampers – Which is Better?

I do wish I had a clear winner for the Best Diaper to Prevent Blowouts. I do feel that Pampers has the Best Diaper Fit since it hasn’t allowed leaks for me. So overall I will have to choose Pampers as the Best Diaper Brand FOR ME and Huggies for the winner of Which Diaper has the Best Rewards Program. Pampers has worked out the most for both my oldest daughter & my son so far. The unfortunate drawback to both these diapers brands is that they both contain latex. My youngest daughter is allergic to latex so at the time I had to find an alternative. We’ll save that discussion for a later article on eco friendly, hyper allergenic diapers that are latex and perfume free.

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Pampers Swaddlers Diapers - Which is Better

Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It?

I’ve heard the question from other moms… “Are Diaper Subscriptions Worth It”? YES! Not only can do diaper subscriptions give you peace of mind, but it’s also one less item to put on the list at the store. Diaper subscriptions also save you a lot of money in the long run. Sure, you might find good deals here or there but how much time are you putting into finding them that you could be spending on more important things or with your baby? Good coupons come and go but a good subscription can last forever 🙂 In the long run this will likely give you much more consistent savings!

Which is the Best Diaper Subscription?

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What do you think? Huggies vs Pampers – Which is Better? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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