Sometimes we find the need to get something that is just enough to get by. We don’t have enough money to get what our heart is really set on or we don’t have enough need to justify the expense. If a thirty dollar item fulfills your needs then why buy the two hundred dollar one? At least if you’re trying to keep costs low. That logic is how I convinced myself to dive into unfamiliar territory and buy an Acer Chromebook and Furinno Desk on Amazon.

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Backstory – Leading to My Acer Chromebook Purchase

A little backstory… I’ve been dreaming of a beautiful iPad Pro for quite a while. I have an iPhone Plus which has filled my needs in the past but my life is changing and adding more reasons to justify the expense. Well, kind of. My kids are getting older so I need something to oversee their homeschool progress (some is online etc). Also, since I started blogging I’ve been relying on my iPhone and the mobile version of Pages (by Apple). I type my articles into Pages and then I send them to my husband to edit and paste into the blog. Sometimes we use the collaboration features as well which is nice. I know that we can use WordPress and skip using Pages but this is the way I enjoy doing it for now.

We have a family iMac that my husband uses for his online business’ and my girls use for gaming. This leaves me with very few convenient times to sneak in and use it. Usually my husband is working on either my site or one of his while I’m writing the articles anyways. So it just doesn’t work to share the family computer. Now that we have a baby again, I really need something mobile. So I decided to make a more responsible purchase then the expensive iPad I want and buy the Acer Chromebook instead. At least until the day comes that I finally bring home my new iPad Pro

Acer Chromebook 14 Full HD

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Choosing a Chromebook Over a Traditional Computer

Buying a non-Apple device was a VERY hard pill to swallow for me. We are very much an Apple Family. But, when money is tight you got to strip away some of your hearts desires and go after what can fulfill your ACTUAL NEEDS. I mean, I don’t want brag but I did rake in a giant $8.28 in Amazon Affiliate earnings last month (my first month blogging) ha, ha… but sadly that’s not enough to justify an expensive purchase.

There was a few reasons that made us go the Chromebook route rather then a computer with a full operating system. The first reason was because everything I needed to do for the blog at this point occurs inside a browser and not requiring a separate app. Primarily I use email, iCloud Pages, iCloud Numbers, WordPress, and Canva. There is social media too but I usually just use my phone for that ok. So I really don’t need much of an operating system or apps. The other reasons we chose to go with a Chromebook was affordability and reviews. The 14 inch, Acer Chromebook that has 12 hour battery life and 100% aluminum body had some of the very best reviews on Amazon in this category.

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The Affordable Price Tag of the Acer Chromebook

My Acer Chromebook was set to cost about $280. I’m still having a hard time believing you can get a computer for that cheap these days! To make things cheaper I applied for the Amazon Prime credit card and received a $70 dollar gift card. This brought the computers price down to about $210 and I believe I might get 5% cash back for my purchase too (not sure what things are excluded from the cash back rewards yet). Not to shabby 🙂 As an added benefit I get 5% cash back on all the purchases I make at Whole Foods now and not just Amazon.

Now, I’m not expecting a life altering device. After all a Chromebook really just seems like a glorified web browser. But I’m really sick of typing my articles with my thumbs on an iPhone. I wanted something that I can do my blogging work on, play some solitaire, and watch jewelry making YouTube videos on. Having a device come in under $300 is perfect for those things and especially my new mom blogger journey!


The Chromebook So Far…

So far the device is working as advertised and I’m loving it. Once you wrap your head around it not having normal apps or an operating system it really gets to be an enjoyable experience. It’s lightweight yet the aluminum shell seems strong. The display is stunning for the price yet it’s color management seems to be different then my other devices. My website shows kind of an uglier muted green but other sites have beautiful vivid greens. I can ignore this since I didn’t purchase the device for having the perfect colored monitor. The battery lasts and it’s got a very good response rate. I don’t plan to store files on the computer itself really so that should stay pretty zippy. If has fulfilled my needs with an affordable price tag which is awesome!

My Super Cute & CHEAP Furinno Simplistic Desk

Furinno Simplistic a Frame Desk
At the same time I badly needed a desk for both my crafts and blogging with my new Chromebook. Since my crafting operation is small and so is my computer I just needed something reasonably attractive that wasn’t going to fall apart. The Furinno Simplistic a Frame Computer Desk was the perfect solution for me. It doesn’t have the most spectacular rating, but for me… it’s great. The Furinno Desk is pretty much the cheapest desk on Amazon and its sturdy enough. I think its really cute actually. There are a few other styles of Furinno Desk’s but some of them are more suited for kids in my opinion.

My Acer Chromebook & Furinno Desk – Closing Thoughts

Overall, I spent less than $250 dollars for both a Chromebook Laptop and a Furinno desk. I couldn’t be more happy with the quality to price ratio on both.

If you have needs similar to me then I suggest you consider buying this duo. Especially if you’re a new mom blogger such as myself and on a tight budget! As always, I love to hear your thoughts on the Acer Chromebook or the Furinno Desk in the comments below!

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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