Mom Blogger Income Report & Progress - Our First Month

Well, becoming a mom blogger certainly hasn’t been as easy of journey as I hoped. I’ve seen others post their mom blogger income reports and progress which was really helpful to me. I hope mine will be helpful to others as well. Though its embarrassing to post this early, I want to be encouraging to other moms just starting out. We’re all in the same boat even if we sometimes feel like it’s failing already. I also wanted to give those thinking of becoming a mom blogger a small dose of reality for what stage one actually looks like… ha ha. I know I could of used it!

Now, before we get into our mom blogger income report lets go through our backstory and progress building the site.

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Our Backstory

I am 38 years old. I have two wonderful kids and a baby. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom ever since my first baby was born. Before that I worked in a coffee shop, retail clothing, hospitality, and the sign industry. I’ve never been much on social media. In fact, I’ve only just recently started my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts. So the whole thought of blogging and social media scares me a little… ha ha. I have no experience online for the most part. I’m just one determined women hoping to make this workout so I can afford some Disney trips again 🙂

My husband has years of experience with web development. He can code websites from scratch if need be. He knows all the basics to SEO and has a decent grip on social media. One of his online businesses has over 200k combined social media fans so that keeps him pretty busy. He also manages a fairly large business as his day job.

Combined with his years of web development experience and my stay-at-home mom experience, we were sure we’d be on the path to success the first month or so. WELL, MAYBE NOT SO MUCH… ha ha ha.

Our Process

This site has really been a team effort from the start. We kind of came up with the affiliate blogging business idea together. I came up with the name and he got our site setup. I picked out the logo while using his experience to guide my thought process. He really wanted to ensure the site represented “me” and I would be proud of it. In the end, I couldn’t be happier with my logo!

My husband setup the website theme and all that stuff while I started writing articles. Typically I write the articles in iCloud Pages and then he pastes them into WordPress. He then edits the articles quite a bit to put them into a better position of SEO (search engine optimization) etc. We both take pictures with our iPhones for the articles and then my husband works them up in Canva or Photoshop to create the Pinterest images.

Use Stats to Learn Your Traffic & Fine Tune Their Click Paths

My husband watches our stats carefully to learn and fine tune our articles based on click paths. This is all still very much a learning process ESPECIALLY with being an Amazon Associate (aka Amazon Affiliate) as well as a Target Affiliate. It’s all very hard to balance genuine content with SEO practices while trying to concentrate on affiliate commissions as well. We are very careful to primarily promote the products we have at home but it’s a juggling act to ensure you give readers options for different brands, stores, or price points.

Anyways, yes… this website is managed by both myself and my husband and we’re both very genuine trying to create a helpful resource for moms. As I learn more about how to do some of the other stuff I’ll take over more aspects. I just couldn’t learn everything at once. I’ve been overwhelmed by all the detail that goes into such a blog as it is. So, little by little 😉

What Has Gone Into This Website

Website Hosting & Domain

The website is hosted on my husbands VPS Cloud Server via Liquid Web. He switched to them for their OUTSTANDING reviews and “Heroic Support” (which really is Heroic!). We also purchase our domain names through them. My husband has hosted numerous websites over the past 12 years with most the popular names out there. He’s had to deal with some pretty bad experiences and worse support. Liquid Web Hosting is finally a provider he LOVES!

Website Theme

We used WordPress and then chose the Avada theme. It had a lot of features and boasted about being “The #1 Best Selling Theme on Themeforest“. We might choose to switch to Genesis for SEO reasons but for getting a customized site up and running in a day or two this seemed the way to go. We didn’t really have a website design to go with so my husband just winged it mostly with options from Avada. Though he did have to do quite a bit of customizations here and there but most people wouldn’t bother or see the need.

Hopefully when the site starts making more money we’ll get a real design done by a professional for the site. The main reason why we didn’t do that from the start was because money of course and it’s hard to get a WordPress theme to match up perfectly to a design provided by a designer. Unless you’re coding it yourself of course. But often times numerous coding customizations would be required to match everything up perfectly regardless of how customizable the theme settings are. So going this route got us going right away.

Our Logo & Matching Graphics (including our awesome Facebook cover image)

My husband has had great experiences with 99Designs for logo and graphic design. We used the for our logo and hand drawn custom graphics. The neat thing about them is that they run your design needs as a “contest” where dozens of designers put fourth their concepts based on your direction. Winner get’s the monetary reward (as do finalists). 99Designs staff is GREAT. If you’re not feeling any of the designs then they will usually extend the contest for you until you find something you really connect with. Fortunately, we had an AMAZING designer participate in our contest who we’ve continued to work on 1-on-1 projects with.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Of course we use the Yoast SEO to optimize our site for search engines. It is the most famous of SEO plugins out there for WordPress and with good reason. If you’re new to SEO or Blogging then I highly suggest you bookmark this Definitive Guide to WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Organic Website Traffic

At this point we have very little organic traffic to speak of. Our pages are just starting to get indexed by Google so organic visitors are starting to trickle in. Hardly much action so far though. Our site has seen a fair amount of paid traffic however. Since we didn’t know much about affiliate blogging we needed to learn how to get clicks. So we paid to promote our Facebook posts that included article links. We spent maybe $100-$200 doing this but it really helped us to format our articles and increase our affiliate link activity. Without this we wouldn’t have had any affiliate earnings yet but at the same time we obviously weren’t doing it to be profitable on those posts yet.

We have so few of social media fans (though growing) that we don’t see too much traffic at this point. Our article on Wire Wrapping Tools has seen the most organic social action so far from Pinterest. For paid traffic our Huggies vs Pampers was the cheapest to promote which reigned in the most activity.

Newsletter Subscribers

We attempted to have a Mailchimp widget for signups without giving anything in return which yielded one single subscriber…ha ha. We’ve since shifted strategies to capture more signups. More on this in the upcoming March report.

Mom Blogger Income: February Earnings Report

Mom blogger income so far. Brace yourselves… February, 2018 was our first month (2 weeks actually) blogging and we earned a whopping $8.28 total from the Amazon Associates Program. That was $5 for a Baby Registry Bounty and $3.28 for eight small items worth of earnings. Three of which items weren’t even something we blogged about so that’s kinda nice.

Are we disappointed? Absolutely… ha ha. Especially since none of these sales came from organic traffic. We paid for the visitors so we are truly at $0 at this point! As mentioned above, we paid Facebook for traffic to learn about what we were doing and refine from there. We weren’t worried about the actual return. For instance, link clicks were hardly occurring at all when we began adding the purchase shortcut links at the top. This DRAMATICALLY increased our affiliate link clicks. Though any way you look at it making under $10 after this much effort hurts.

We had 452 link clicks which amounted to a 1.99% conversion rate. This seems hideous but I don’t know… if it was organic traffic then it seems like anything is better then nothing. We can only go up from here right?

Looking Forward

Well, at this point I think we’ll hold off on the “secret to our success” seminar tour… ha ha. Maybe setup a PayPal donation link for those that pity us (just kidding). But seriously, we’ve done some things differently in March so we’ll post our progress with that the first or second week of April if you’re interested. I can’t promise our mom blogger income has gone up but we are definitely learning and fine tuning things to hopefully set us up for success down the road.

This mom blogging venture has been a lot of fun though. It was all assembled for well under $1k. Heck, it could be assembled for under $200 if you did a plain text logo or something which many do and are successful with. While my site is not successful yet it has really convinced me that when the traffic is actually there… people will click and purchase through the links. So one way or another this is a very cheap, enjoyable, realistic, and empowering business venture that a stay-at-home mom is extremely capable of.

I look forward to any questions, comments, or your mom blogging experiences below 🙂

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This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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