In January I blogged about Five Baby Toys for Babies First Year and recommended a baby ball set. The Infantino Textured Multi Baby Ball Set to be exact. This was the 2nd post I’ve ever written as a stay-at-home mom blogger so I’m kinda proud of it. While I still haven’t made enough money off the blog to buy a decent steak dinner… there is one thing I find really interesting. That baby ball set mentioned in that article is my #1 selling affiliate item to date! That’s right, a baby ball set which is usually under $10 is what’s driving my sales and dream of being a successful mom blogger!

The Baby Ball
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  • Infantino Textured Multi Baby Ball Set – Amazon (Amazon’s Choice Product)
  • Nuby Ice Gel Teether KeysAmazon (Amazon’s Choice Product)

Baby Ball – WHAT % of My Ordered Items?!

As a new mom blogger I’m just beginning to learn my audience. I find that I’ve been the most successful with baby items which is likely due to how well I can relate. I have my own baby. I’m constantly trying new baby toys, baby balls, interactive baby toys, baby jumpers, etc. It’s just natural for me to write about them and share my experiences so far with my favorite baby products. Plus, I’ve been through the baby stages with 2 other children already. I’m pretty familiar with most everything out there. But after sharing so many different links to products I’m just shocked that a baby ball accounts for 44.444% of my ordered items…LOL.

One of My Sons True Favorites

What’s exciting about all this is that honestly one of my sons FAVORITE TOYS has always been a baby ball. He loves to chase it around in his play area! It’s a great teething toy for him to chew on since several of the balls have bumpy textures. It’s great for his motor control skills! He also just loves all the different colors. Whenever I’m trying to get something done and he starts getting upset wanting me to hold him, I know there is one toy I can always count on. The baby ball! The best part is when he decides to play the “make mom pickup my ball” game it only takes two seconds to rinse off (assuming it hit a dirty floor) and return to him so the game can continue… ha ha.

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The Best Baby Ball Set – Order Now

I really appreciate that Infantino didn’t just go boring and release the typical set. Their product stands out thanks to the really creative designs, intriguing textures, and vivid color palette. They really designed this product right and I find them to be incredibly safe. I’ve not had any parts of the rubber ever chunk off and the colors never peel. It’s just an overall great toy. It’s especially a great toy for babies around 1 year and younger. Though my son is over 1 years old now (going on 13 months & maintaining 99th percentile height… a big boy!).

If you have a baby at home or on the way then I strongly encourage you to purchase this set. Like I said, it’s very cheap and will help you maintain your own sanity when trying to get a little work done around the house (or on your blog if you’re like me!). This baby ball set from Infantino also has an almost perfect rating out of 1,200+ reviews on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice product. You can order it direct from Amazon via the link below. It looks like they also have the Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys as a very cheap add-on product if you spend over $25. VERY easy to do if you checkout my other baby related articles where I share other personal favs 🙂


Are you a stay-at-home mom blogger like myself and sometimes shocked by your best selling items?

Are you a mom and have tried this item or another baby ball?

I’d love to here your experiences in the comments!


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The Baby Ball - Could This Possibly Be True?

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

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