When my son turned 5 months we knew it was definitely time for him to get a walker, jumper, or entertainer. Now, some might run out and buy all 3 or perhaps got them from their baby shower or gift registry. We however did not. At the time we had limited space and funds so we decided a baby jumper would likely be the best fit. An entertainer would be great except they seem just like a jumper without the jumping aspect. I figure he can still stand still inside the jumper when we wants and play the same way he would in an entertainer. Why invest money and space in multiple devices when a baby jumperoo could do both and have so many fun things on them.

I’ve listed below a few of the current best baby jumpers including the one we chose for our son. If you’re just looking for a nice gift for a baby shower then many have these jumpers on their baby registry which would be perfect!

The Best Baby Jumpers

The Best Baby Jumpers

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  • Baby Einstein Activity Jumper, Neighborhood FriendsTarget | Amazon
  • Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby JumperooAmazon (Best Seller + Highest Ratings)
  • Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities JumperTarget | Amazon (My Choice + Amazon’s Choice)

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Baby Einstein Activity Baby Jumper Neighborhood Friends

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper, Neighborhood Friends

Your baby can jump with their favorite Baby Einstein friends. The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper has 12+ brightly colored activities that surround babies and encourage 360 degrees of fun multi-sensory experiences. The electronic piano features music, lights, exciting sounds, volume control, and three modes: classical melodies, and piano key tones. Other fun activities include a spinning frog bead chaser, spinning rattle drum with beads and a mirror, and more. It also includes additional link loops to add some of your baby’s favorite toys. The Secure Support Seat provides extra support for little ones, and with five easily adjustable height settings the jumper grows with baby. This Award-Winning jumper captivates baby’s attention and keeps them entertained.

This baby jumper looks very enjoyable. At the time of this writing it was (or is) the most affordable of the bunch.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby Jumperoo - Baby Jumper

Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby Jumperoo

There are so many sights and activities to discover on this brightly colored Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby Jumperoo. The music, lights and exciting sounds reward baby with every jump! Everywhere baby looks, (in the spinning seat, baby can see all around), there’s something fun to do. Little explorers enjoy playing with the Jumperoo’s many animals and toys, including a bobbling elephant, a monkey swinging from a vine, a parrot hanging from a bead bar, a clear spinning bead ball, a tiger that plays hide and seek, a spinning lizard that makes rattling sounds, a tethered chew toy, and a stack of chips with eye-catching graphics for baby to explore. Each toy will captivate your baby’s attention and keep him or her entertained. The baby jumperoo folds for easy storage and portability.

I can’t recall if this was available at the time we purchased our sons. This baby jumperoo looks absolutely amazing and is an Amazon Best Seller. It has the best reviews of the bunch at the time of this writing with over 6,000 ratings submitted! It is also the choice product of an Amazon Verified Expert. Lots of positives to base a decision on, after reading around I’m SURE it’s one of the best baby jumpers.
Disney Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Baby Jumper

Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

The Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper includes 13+ engaging toys & activities for your baby to enjoy. The Nemo rollerball inspires baby’s senses with lights, melodies, rattling beads and all your favorite Nemo characters. Bruce the friendly shark is a ratchet toy with a mouthful of colorful beads. Squirt’s interactive tummy has keys that light up and play ocean-themed tunes. A perky puffer fish includes a mirror for self-discovery alongside a toy tray and starfish-shaped teether. Mr. Ray completes the ocean ambience and Tad and Pearl characters are removable for take-a-long fun. A spinning Sheldon toy and bead chaser Dory round out the cast of beloved Nemo characters. The high seat back provides extra support and rotates 360 degrees, there’s ocean fun in every direction. Four height adjustment options are available to grow with baby. Let baby explore the ocean with Nemo & his friends.

This is the baby jumper that we purchased and was also awarded Amazon’s Choice. I truly felt this was the best baby jumper available when I bought mine! I wanted get him something that had as many things to engage him as possible. Besides how could you go wrong with the Disney/Pixar theme? By the time my son was six or seven months all he wanted to do was jump himself silly in this thing. Even when we stood him in our laps he was trying to bounce around the whole time. He loved his jumper then and he still does now at 1 years old.  Since the jumper has three height adjustment levels he didn’t just grow out of it overnight which often happens with these types of toys.

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In Closing – Thoughts on Safety

These might be some of the best baby jumpers but all of these devices are meant to be used with supervision. Check the age on them because some are 4+ months, some are 6+ months, etc. Be sure NEVER to leave your baby unattended in a jumper. Babies have a weird way of finding ways out of things or getting wedged in places you didn’t think they could so you gotta stay vigilant.

There are the door hanging bouncers which it seems a lot of people seem to love. Even if proven safe (haven’t researched myself) the pictures of them honestly just freak me out so that’s why I didn’t include them in my own articles. Again, that’s not to say that they are or aren’t safe… just my gut typically tells me to keep away from things that look potentially dangerous at first glance.

These are my three favorites for best baby jumpers. If you’ve used any of these baby jumpers I look forward to hearing your reviews in the comments below.

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