I’ve had the same basic craft interest most of my life. But what I’ve lacked is a true direction with any of them. I’ve also lacked confidence in many of the things I’ve attempted. Since I was a teenager, I’ve loved writing stories and crochet. Since I’ve been married, I have added cooking and jewelry making to that list. Throughout the years I’ve gone in and out of all of them. At some points in my life I was too busy but a lot of the time it came down to lack of direction. As a result I never moved past beginner levels with most of these hobbies even though I had learned a lot about them.

Jewelry in particular, I’ve been rather scattered about until now. For instance, beading. I have tools for bead weaving, bead stringing, etc. One problem with beading though is all the components and beads that you have to stock for that hobby. It cost so much and was just too much to really keep track of. Especially now that I have 3 kids, I just don’t have the time for it.

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Wire Wrapping for Beginners - My Favorite New Hobby

(I created all these pieces displayed above. Months of practice is finally paying off! Yay!)

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With wire work all I need is a few spools of wire alongside a few tools and I could make SO much. This includes making many of the components I was having to purchase when beading. I still use beads in my wire work but not nearly as many. Now I can focus on collecting the ones I really care about. Neat, unique, natural, & vintage components sometimes carrying a story that I bring out with a beautiful frame of wire work. I often find the perfect beads and stones on Etsy or a site that I recently discovered called A Grain of Sand.

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Wire Wrapping for Beginners

After a bit of time searching the net, I’ve found several avenues offering great wire wrapping for beginners instruction. I love finding new wire wrapping for beginners books and designers to learn from. A recent favorite is The Missing Link by Cindy Wimmer. It teaches you all about creating your own unique link components for your jewelry. She takes you from the wire wrapping for beginners basics to the more advanced topics. I’ve found it so easy to follow! The projects discussed in the book are also perfect for doing a little bit at a time. This is great for those days when you only have a few minutes to work with. In my case, having two kids and a baby makes this most days 🙂

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with having small collections of unique components that I created myself and take pride. This gives me such a better feeling than having a box full of store bought components that are generic. Instead, I have my own items that I can really draw inspiration from.

If you’re new to this and have an interest trying the hobby out then please see my other article Wire Wrapping Tools – A Beginners List to Jewelry Making. This contains most or all of the tools that one might need to pursue wire wrapping for beginners type of tutorials.

If you’ve had a good experience with a particular wire working book or tutorial please let me know in the comments below.

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